Joram Roukes

Born February 25th 1983 in the new city of Lelystad, in the Netherlands. Currently working in Los Angeles U.S.A, he originally was based in Groningen in the north part of the Netherlands where he Graduated from the academy of fine arts Minerva for his BFA in painting and education in 2006.

Joram Roukes was awarded a 'startstipendium' by Dutch arts fund BKVB in 2008. This enabled him to pay for an artist residency in Brooklyn, New York where he worked for 4 months, initiating his current line and body of work.

Joram Roukes' large oil paintings are build-ups or collages of inner-city figures and characters. Blending multiple stylistic elements and references to subcultural groups or popular culture intricately in comprehensive and colorful compositions, the resulting figures try to put across a shaky view of todays western society. Their messages are easily misunderstood or misinterpreted by the viewer, leaving them with a little bit to contemplate over, putting the pieces together. Ultimately, this enables the viewer to project his or her own points of view onto the paintings, further dialoging with it and perhaps even re-establish their position in current themes in society.


Roukes' works invite with poppy colors and humor at first glance, only to be rediscovered as something adventourus, bleak and uncanny, underneath the surface.

Displaying and judging upon societies flaws or imperfections too obviously seems redundant, so instead Roukes' paintings tend to confuse, leaving most of the story unfinished. Roukes enjoys working on projects with holds themes that rediscover and reinterpret ealier artists works, across mediums.

His most recent solo show 'Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness' Puts a visuel context to the body of work from the album with the same title by the Smashing Pumpkins.