14/8 – 3/10


Sobekcis has shared their thoughts about what you can experience visiting the show 'Fundamental'.

The body of work prepared for Sobekcis 'Fundamental' solo exhibition goes along the grain of our fundamental beliefs , inspiration , and artistic vision.
Through abstraction and with accenting figurative elements portrayed in the work.

Our personal views on our surroundings, ethics and personal process.
Our visual background and base was developed in the field of graffiti and urban art. The main aesthetic underling our studio work still has strong bonds with the practice and art form of graffiti, embodying and trans- mitting , strong structure, followed by vivid and striking colors.

By returning back to Belgrade Serbia and having the opportunity through surroundings and retrospect, we have had an advanced look at our basis, and from where it all started. we take the necessary step backwards in order to make the next step to progress in our work and as individuals.

Through the process of creating the 'Fundamental show' we have unlocked the next stage in witch we wish to proceed .
By liberating our work from figurative elements holding the main focal point, and concentrating more on color and composition through abstract form.

We have opened a whole new field of opportunities.
And this approach also has a stronger connection with the way we think and work outside our studio.
This closes the gap in between our street work and studio work making it into one combined process of creation.


Graffiti with all its prospects has a flaw, it is temporary.

so from this perspective, came a urge to create something that

will have a longer life span.

For us the fine art side of creating came with a more disciplined approach to work.
All the elements that were in play before gained
a hole new perspective , thus driving color and composition to new limits.
Till now our work has been strongly based on developing and restructuring our graffiti esthetic and reworking it into forms of abstraction, animals, eyes and more, set place in some dreamlike reality created in between the two.
Now coming to the point were the transmitted style of graffiti is solidifying itself in its new medium. We wish to take what was created till now and break it down to get to the next step in our work.
To introduce more dynamic line work to contrast the sharp cartoonist line.
To create a approach balanced with two sides. Freedom balanced with rigidness, composition balanced with deconstruction.

Creating a double sided approach and not always swaying to one side. Welcome to the 'Fundamental' show.




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