14/11 - 17/12


Helle Mardahl's work has always revolved around mankind's yearning for status and attention, and her previous exhibitions have focused on the modern human urge for self-promotion.

With the exhibition "Home", Helle Mardahl further explores the power and status symbols that are deeply rooted in European cultural history, gives us her version of it.

Previously, Helle Mardahl has worked from her studio with lots of helping hands; with this exhibition, she turns back - or home - to where it all began.

"I've found a lot of freedom in going back to spending time working alone, even though I thought it might make me crazy .... I wanted to return to a more spontaneous connection to the art." The new works have more loose and casual lines, paint drips in thick layers on the pictures, and in this way the expression of freedom comes through.

The exhibition has become a series of paintings and pastels with motifs of pheasants, partridges and pigeons with long, elegant and slender body parts, and nature-morte inspired settings with hunting trophies and marching drums. The works in "Home" fantasize about the great classic stories of freedom and power, beauty, eroticism, decay and death.

We hope that you will want to experience this special exhibition, which cultivates painting and dares to invest in expressive work that brings an energy we feel is missing in the current art scene.

For many years Helle Mardahl has been a central and trend-defining artist who worked in both the art and fashion industries. She has shown extensively in both Denmark and abroad, in galleries and museums.




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