Jaybo Monk

'See You Later'

Paintings, drawings and sculptures.

14.10 - 05.11


The Assimilation to environment defines Jaybo Monk´s artworks from their genesis. The artist sources the visual materials he works with by scavenging around the truth in first sights and in the forces of acclimatization. In this case, he manipulates layers pulled from, among other places, the internet, newspaper, old photos. He frees these findings by disassociation, estranging them, removing them from their context so they can become: forms, colors, lines, themselves. The paint transforms their meanings once again.

On each painting or on each objects ,the layers lean on each other, taking full advantage of the two and the third dimensions and thus they are constantly redefining their parts in relation to one another. Elements stand, hang, frame another, reweight another and depend on each other.

Language then intrudes: The titles of the works refer to children songs and alter the meaning of the work another time. Furthermore the words written on the pieces themselves, subject them to external references, and alter their meaning even further. And then, there is the work´s reception throwing everything into new relief yet again. In this way Jaybo Monk suggests an art that is a predicament, a shifty, evasive, and radically unsettled state for a group of impulses and ideas. This work is finished when it´s shown, but only at that moment, in that place; everything will finish again and again.




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