Dirk Salz

DSA/M 986 # 2683, 2020, 44 x 40 x 7 cm Resinworks / Fadings /matte series, pigments and resin on multiplex

With my art I am looking for the ideal that can never be reached. That is why my work always consists of composition and irritation. Always looking for the ideal ratio of the one coherent composition – which of course must be always disappointed. In this experience the producer and observer become one, reflecting oneself human perception and never attainable cognition.

Dirk Salz (1962, Bochum, Germany) is interested in simple forms and the transparency of color, playing with impressions of depth, which are not imposed through planes or complex compositions, but through their reduction. His images are placed on smooth surfaces that serve as metaphorical mirrors for the viewer, mirrors that reflect the viewer’s own image within the space, and the possibilities of our relationship with it.

His works open up an experience of shifting between their various depths and planes, but at the same time hold our own place next to them, not within them. Because the concept of reflection is inherent to Dirk’s artistic investigation of space. In addition to exploring space, Salz’s works impose on us a question of temporality and the role of time in our perception of space. Time is a category that comes before space, which is necessarily more internal and allows outer space to be revealed.

DSA/M 1159 # 2866, 2023, t = 6, Ø 90 cm
Resinworks / Fadings, pigments and resin on multiplex

Born 1962 in Bochum, Germany. After High School Graduation Salz studied engineering at RWTH Aachen. From 1979 to 1981 Salz got private lessons in painting, drawing and history of art. Since then he was continously guided and educated by various artists. He startet his own career in 2002.

DSA/M 407 # 2244, 2017, t = 6, Ø 25 cm
Resinworks / Fadings, pigments and resin on cork
DSA/M 1177 # 2878, 2023, 100 x 90 x 8 cm
Resinworks / deep dives, pigments and resin on multiplex
DSA/M 983 # 2687, 2021 / 82.5 x 75 x 8 cm
Resinworks / deep dives, pigments and resin on multiplex



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‚compactlight‘, Forum Kunst und Architektur, Essen (Salz/Poths)